Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Successfully Selling a Chiropractor Practice

Successfully selling a Chiropractor practice can be much more difficult than one might expect. As with the sale of any professional or healthcare practice, the sale of a chiropractic practice requires a level of skill, care and diligence that is not always found among the average main street business broker. For this reason it is important to select qualified professionals who are capable of handling the sale of Chiropractic practices. Having a DC, who has successfully sold a Chiropractic practice, as part of your professional advisory team can be a big plus and crucial to getting the job done. Professionals handling the sale of your business will be in tune with Chiropractic practice sales and will be able to guide you through some of the key components that will lead to the successful sale of the business.

Demand Confidentiality

selling a chiropractor practice
Perhaps one of the most important components of selling a Chiropractor practice is confidentiality. This is probably the number one reason why a Chiropractor should hire a business broker to sell their professional practice. For most businesses any word that a Chiropractor is selling could result in a loss of business. This could not only be damaging to the present doctor but also to any doctor buying a Chiropractic practice. Using a Business Broker eliminates the need to ever having to openly advertise the Chiropractor practice for sale and a Business Broker can use confidential means of advertising and have perspective buyers fill out a standard confidentiality. D.C.’s who have successfully sold Chiropractic practices understand how invaluable this can be.

Disengage Emotionally

As with the sale of most businesses, selling a Chiropractic practice can be an emotional charged transaction, not only for the seller but also for the one buying a Chiropractic practice for sale. Having the assistance of business intermediaries who have handled the sale of many Chiropractic practices for sale is just good another reason one should use a Business Broker to handle the sale of the business or Chiropractic practice. Whether it is negotiations on price, guidance with obtaining financing or working out a reasonable transition period your business advisers will be able to help buffer situations of high emotion and keep the sale on track. This always creates a win-win for both the Buyer and Seller.

Deliver Results

In the final phase of selling a Chiropractor practice, your business advisors provide the critical information that completes the sale and allows for a smooth transition of the business. Having a DC who has sold their own Chiropractic practice as well as assisted many others with the sale of Chiropractor practices is important in the final steps of the business for sale process. Business guidance and the transference of patients is an area where delicate hands can determine the future success of the business. Once again your professional advisors can be of tremendous value in this area.

For more information about buying a Chiropractic practice or successfully selling a Chiropractor practice visit Chiropractic Practice Sales.

Monday, January 21, 2013

What is my Florida Business for Sale Worth?

The #1 question of  “What is my Florida Business for sale worth?” can usually be answered by contacting a qualified Florida Business Broker.

Florida business for sale
Of course, everyone knows the value of anything is what a willing buyer will pay and what a seller will accept, but valuing a business does go way beyond the scope of the ordinary. There are many facts and a number of myths that are typically discussed when talking about business value. One myth that surfaces in many conversations, which is almost always false, is that a business is worth 3 times the amount of gross annual sales. Such myths and fallacies often make it difficult for a business owner to implement an exit strategy when the time to sell does arrive. Without a reasonable expectation and a general idea of what a Florida Business for sale is worth it can be very difficult to plan for the future business sale.
Business valuation is as much an art as a science and every business and each industry can be a little different and have its own nuances. These differences make it near impossible to use a "one size fits all" approach, although most industries do have one or more "rules of thumb" that can be used to help determine the true value of the business. Business uniqueness and variables from industry to industry further complicate the business valuation process which is why business valuation are typically done by highly qualified individuals who have the knowledge and resources to form an objective opinion of value. While business valuators do employ standardized formulas and methods to calculate value, they also work from assumptions that are based on experience in the market place and familiarity with similar businesses.
Some Florida Business for sale valuation methods include taking a 4 step approach to determining what the business might be worth. These valuations can include an industry method, income and asset approach, excess earnings method and an income capitalization approach.
Income/Asset - This approaches uses a calculation of the fair market value of the assets of the business plus a multiple of the seller’s discretionary earnings or owner benefit.
Industry Method - This method uses industry “rules of thumb” which have been established and can be unique to any particular industry.
Excess Earnings - This approach takes into account numerous different factors including owner benefit, working capital to start, fair market value of assets, reasonable owner salary and how difficult it is to operate any particular business.
Income/Capitalization -  This method looks at business income and owner benefit  as well as reasonable owner salary as well as an expected rate of return in order to determine business value.
By looking at the industry comps and the business value through varying methods and calculations, a qualified Florida Business Broker can usually get a pretty accurate picture of the business value and is able to answer the question of “what is my Florida business for sale worth”  with a fairly high degree accuracy. Whether to change a career path, relocation or retirement for many business owners knowing the value of their Florida business for sale can be the first step for creating a good exit strategy. More information about business valuations or selling a Florida business can be found by contacting a Florida Business Broker.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nursery Business for Sale in Florida

There are many reasons why a person might buy a nursery business for sale in Florida.  Exploration and examination of the motives for the purchase can lead to a very satisfying experience.

Motivation to do what you love

If you are an enthusiastic gardener and enjoy spending time outdoors or in a green house, you should seriously look into owning a Florida nursery. Whether starting on a small scale or large acreage you will need a business license or nursery license, potting soil and nursery containers, and will need access to plant materials and nursery supplies. Before you know it, your backyard hobby or lifelong aspirations can be a thriving business, and you will be making thousands of dollars in additional income each year. Every man knows money doesn’t grow on trees but for many nursery men in Florida they understand that the money does grow in the trees. For a nursery business, any increase in the size of the plant means an increase in the value of the inventory.

Selecting a nursery location

Nursery business for sale
Florida has the perfect climate for nursery businesses, and the long growing season creates an excellent opportunity for abundance. The warm tropical climate in Florida tends to make every plant grow like a weed. Getting the plants from seedlings to a level which demands a higher price is the essential goal of any profitable nursery business for sale in Florida. With Mother Nature on your side, whether it is a backyard garden or a large nursery business, the growing task can become that much easier and more profitable when the weather is one your side. Not everyone can invest the time and dedication to start a nursery from scratch, so some people choose to buy existing nurseries to take their gardening endeavors to the next level.

If you wish to buy a nursery, we can point you to any number of awesome opportunities. There are  many opportunities for a Florida nursery business for sale, and whether you are looking for a small operation or something on a larger scale with a significant acreage of real estate, the earnings potential can be unlimited. Many properties do include real estate, which can be an added incentive, because in general real estate prices will continue to appreciate over the long term. Owning a large acreage can also be important for expansion as well as having an inventory at various stages of growth. This accomplishes not only always having a product ready to sell and generate cash flow but also gives the ability to offer the customers an inventory of plants at varying price points.

Determining nursery for sale value

Some of the nurseries for sale are offered as an asset only sale, meaning the seller really doesn’t have any verifiable financial history that could be used to prove the cash flow history of the business. In such cases the value of the business would be determined by the value of the inventory, equipment, land improvements and the actual real estate property. The real estate value can easily be determined by obtaining a property appraisal, the inventory would be valued at whatever the wholesale value is, and equipment is typically based on fair market value.  Although nursery properties may be sold to just about anyone, they are usually marketed to someone who is in the business or has some nursery or agricultural business experience and loves plants and/or gardening.

In the case of a highly profitable nursery business for sale, the seller will usually have good books and records that show a strong cash flow or earnings. In some cases a nursery could even have some contract growing arrangements. This can drastically increase the profitability because the nursery may receive an upfront deposit to grow a large amount of a particular plant species with a guaranteed sale by a certain date. For long term land development projects this can be mutually beneficial to both the land developer and the nursery business.
If gardening is your passion, and you want to turn your passion to profit, owning a nursery business could be the right move for you. One of the first steps might be to contact a Florida business broker to help you find a nursery business for sale.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Buying a Small Business Opportunity in Florida

Are you looking at buying a small business opportunity in Florida in 2013?  Do you want to take control of your life and operate independently?  Business ownership may be an option for you to explore.  As a business owner you will have no one to answer to but yourself.  You have unlimited freedom of choice and flexibility.  You determine the hours, products, services and culture of the organization and your rewards will be directly tied to your performance. 

Buying a Small business opportunity in Florida allow owners to wear many hats and are not committed to a single management or job activity.   Owning a small business allows for creativity, thinking out of the box and constant growth opportunity.  No day will be routine; you will have challenges and the resolutions will be under your control.

The tax benefits of owning a small business are still significant.   You can take advantage of various tax deductions and credits as long as you maintain detailed records showing that these expenses are related to your business.  Although the expenses are business related, you personally can benefit from reduced educational costs, home repairs and maintenance, and travel expenses.  Many owners find themselves with a much greater net worth than they would have had in traditional careers. 

Lots of exciting opportunities are out there; you need professional help to find the right business for you.  Truforte Business Group are professional Florida Business Brokers who specialize in helping people with buying small business opportunity in Florida.  Contact us today to see what is available. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Florida Business for Sale: Selling a Growing Business in 2013

Florida business for sale
Business growth has proven to be one of the keys in maximizing seller returns when it comes time for selling a Florida business. Selling a growing business in 2013 is going to be no exception, and businesses with increasing sales or those who are poised for growth are sure to come out on top. Selling, or even the process of growing a business, is a task that often requires the expertise of experienced professionals. Although there is currently a demand for growing Florida business for sale, the actual growth and sales process can be trickier than most people think. There are many reasons for this, but growth in the midst of a difficult economy, business valuation complexity, maintaining confidentiality in the sales process, and maximizing seller returns always seem to be at the top of the list. It can be difficult to accurately predict if or how much a business is going to grow, but for sellers looking to divest of their business in the future, growth and business potential become increasingly important factors. Therefore business owners, whenever possible, will want to make sure they have taken some prudent steps to ensure they are offering a growing Florida business for sale. Here are some tips you can follow when selling off your growing business in 2013.

Get Professional Advice

It never hurts to get some professional advice. A person well-versed with growing a business could be the best source of guidance for you as you contemplate an exit strategy and consider putting your Florida business for sale. Such experts are experienced at dealing with the ever changing market place and can point out the factors you should keep in mind, in order to keep your business moving in the right direction. Whether you are selling today or in the upcoming years, business growth can be one of the single most important factors that can determine your success and maximize the return on your business investment.

Locate a Buyer

When selling off a growing business in Florida, the ideal way is to manage the confidentiality of the sale through a qualified Florida Business Broker. Making a public announcement about the sale of your business is usually not something a business owner should be doing. Confidentiality can be very important for not only the current business momentum but will be important to make sure the business will keep growing under the new owner. After all, the last thing a business needs at any point in time is to show declining sales or to have any negative press that could be associated with a possible sale of the business.

Your Involvement

Last, and probably the most important thing you have to consider is the level of your involvement in the sale of the company. Are you going to exit the scene completely or stay on in some capacity? It may seem like an easy decision to make, but most people find it hard to let go of something they have been associated with for so long. If Seller financing is involved it is all the more reason to make sure you are passing on a growing and profitable business. With many buyer investment portfolios down and with the relatively low or volatile performance on various investment options seller financing on the sale of a business has become an increasingly popular win-win for both Buyers and Sellers. Sellers carrying a note on a business sale usually have no problem making sure the business is poised for growth.

These are just a few of the tips you can follow if you are considering offering your growing Florida business for sale in 2013.