Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buying a Sarasota Business for Sale

Buying a Sarasota business for sale can be a great alternative to working for someone else or starting a business in Sarasota, Florida. There are all types of Sarasota business for sale available; including restaurants, retail shops, automotive, construction and various service businesses across numerous industries. For people of all ages Sarasota continues to be a great place to live and work and buying a Sarasota business for sale continues to be a great option for those looking to generate an income.

Why Buy a Sarasota Business

Buying a Sarasota Business
There are many reasons for buying a Sarasota business for sale but perhaps a big reason for purchasing a Sarasota business is in order to generate cash flow or to make a living. For the entrepreneur who is either tired of working for someone else, or who understands the benefits of business ownership, buying a business usually proves to be the best option. Sure some choose to start their own business but there are many advantages to buying an existing business. In some cases, the capital expenditures necessary for a start up can be greater than that of buying an ongoing Sarasota business for sale. That’s not even taking into consideration the amount of money needed for advertising, marketing and business development. One of the great benefits in buying a Sarasota business for sale is that in many cases the buyer will be walking into a situation of instant cash flow.
Of course cash flow and money are not the only motivations for buying a Sarasota business for sale. Foreign investors often buy Sarasota businesses for the purpose of obtaining an E-2 or L-1 visa so that they may live and work in the United States. Others may have family motivations where they are looking to acquire and build a family business that may be handed down to future generations. All of these would be excellent reasons to consider buying a Sarasota business for sale.

How to Find a Sarasota Business for Sale

One of the first steps to take once the decision has been made to buy a Sarasota business is going to be to contact a Sarasota Business Broker. Contacting a business broker who handles the purchase and sales of Sarasota business will give a buyer access to some highly confidential which is not available to the general public. A Broker of Sarasota business for sale will normally require a Buyer to fill out and sign a standard confidentiality agreement so that they may share confidential information. It is important for a Buyer to work with Sarasota Business Brokers they can trust. Finding a Broker who operates on a cooperating basis with other Business Brokers will typically ensure the best results for buying a Sarasota business for sale.
Whether you are an early retiree, a young entrepreneur with some capital, or a foreign investor looking to acquire an E-2 or L-1 visa, there is no better time for buying a Sarasota business. To learn more or get started, visit us here at Sarasota business for sale

Monday, February 11, 2013

Why Use Florida Business Brokers for Selling a Business

Florida Business Brokers play a valuable role in the sales, mergers and acquisitions of Florida business for sale. Whether it is a small mom and pop business operation or sizeable corporation worth millions of dollars it is almost always advisable to use Florida Business Brokers for selling a business. From business valuation, marketing, presentation, to closing the sale, engaging the services of a qualified business broker, is sure fire way to get the process of selling a business on course.

Business Valuation

For Florida Business Brokers, determining value is one of the first steps to getting the business for sale process started. Typically the Business Broker will work with the last three years tax returns and/or profit and loss statements as well as any equipment, asset and inventory list in order to determine the value of the business. By working closely with the business owner or officers of privately held corporations, Florida Business Brokers are usually able to determine the value of the business with a fairly high degree of accuracy. Dealing with experienced Florida Business Brokers will usually ensure that the Broker has performed literally dozens if not hundreds of business valuations.

Professional Business Presentation

When it comes to the creation of professional business presentations, Florida Business Brokers are familiar with the necessary ingredients and key components that can make a particular Florida business opportunity marketable. Having sold hundreds of Florida businesses for sale, Florida Business Brokers understand what is important to buyers. Florida Business opportunities with a proven track record and a verifiable income are usually what today’s savvy business buyers are after. That with a combination of SBA or seller financing usually makes for a highly marketable business opportunity. Having real estate or some tangible assets of value also can enhance the marketability and working with well qualified Florida Business Brokers will mean a more professional presentation of the business for sale.

Confidential Business Marketing

Confidentiality is one reason many sellers use Florida Business Brokers for selling a business. Without a Broker it can be nearly impossible for seller to keep the sale of a Florida business confidential. Having the knowledge and resources to successfully market and sell a Florida Business in a confidential manner is where Florida Business Brokers usually become indispensable. Using Florida Business Brokers to confidentially market and sell a business allows the seller to keep their focus on successfully running the business.

Whether you are a small business, or privately held corporation free consultation is a great first step to developing an exit strategy and getting familiar with using a Florida Business Brokers for selling a business. To learn more about finding trusted Florida Business Brokers and why every business seller should use a business broker, visit us here at Florida Business Brokers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Buying a Naples Restaurant for Sale

Most buyers know that buying a Naples restaurant for sale does not need to be a difficult task. In fact by contacting Truforte Business Group buyers find they can get the kind of information and assistance needed to make an informed decision and complete the transaction with a great deal of ease. Having the wisdom and knowledge of an experienced Florida business broker usually results in the successful sales and acquisitions of all types of Naples restaurants for sale.

Restaurant Location
In real estate it is said that location is everything and this can also be true for Naples restaurants for sale. With dozens of restaurant locations available in Naples, an experienced restaurateur will know when they have found the right one. When considering the size of the location, it is not just about the size of the kitchen and square footage of the restaurant but there is also the issue of the number of seats and whether there is outdoor seating, which seems to be a very popular feature for many Naples restaurants for sale. Believe it or not having the right type of food, served in the right setting, at the right location can all play a role to the success the restaurant.

Restaurant Profitability

Another big factor in buying a Naples restaurant for sale is the profitability. This is usually more important when the new owner plans to continue operating the restaurant, cafĂ© or diner just as it is and does not plan a changing a thing. For a successful transition to take place there needs to be a profitable foundation from which to start. In the case where the new owner plans to change everything this is usually not as important. If the concept and menu are being changed or the restaurant renovated, then it could very well be that the new restaurant could potentially draw in a whole new clientele and far exceed any business that was done by the previous owner.  Careful planning is always advised when changing or renovating any existing restaurants for sale.

Restaurant Amenities
The amenities wanted when buying a Naples restaurant for sale can vary drastically depending on whether we are talking about a fine dining restaurant on Fifth Ave. or a hot dog stand on the beach. Typically the amenities will need to match the buyer’s preference and the type of location or food they are serving. From patio seating, liquor licenses to hoods and walk in coolers each location tends to have certain features that make it more suitable for certain operations or certain types of restaurants. Again someone familiar with restaurant businesses will usually know what they are looking for and a business broker will be able to help guide them in the right direction.

Whether you are an accomplished chef, amateur cook or business professional, Truforte Business Group is your one stop shop for buying a Naples restaurant for sale.