Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Selling a Bradenton Business

When it comes time for selling a Bradenton business, a business owner can be faced with many difficult decisions.  Each year dozens of businesses and business opportunities are sold in Bradenton.  Bradenton Business Brokers know the area well and are often the catalyst for those sales guiding Sellers and Buyers through the opportunities and assisting in the transaction process of selling a Bradenton business.  Each opportunity is unique and has its own challenges which require expert guidance and that is why using a professional Bradenton Business Broker is usually advised.

bradenton business for sale
Reasons for Selling a Bradenton Business

There is no one reason for selling a Bradenton business for sale.  You may be looking to retire, have health issues, are looking for a new challenge or will be moving out of the area or you may simply want to do something else to expand your horizons.   Whatever the reason, utilizing the services of a local Bradenton Business Broker will help you determine the value of your Bradenton Business for Sale and will work to position your business to be sold quickly.    The Bradenton Business Broker will almost always be the best resource for finding the right buyer and maximizing the sale.

Best Time to Sell a Bradenton Business

Timing is always important when selling your Bradenton Business.  Depending on your business cycle, a professional Bradenton Business Broker can help you determine the best time to sell.    Reviewing your past financials and looking at trending will help your broker to determine the time of year to get the most visibility for your business.  Typically the beginning of the year and the third and fourth quarters have the largest volume of sales; but selling a Bradenton Business for Sale may take some time and you should get the process started as soon as possible.

Completing the Sale of a Bradenton Business

Bradenton Business Brokers will work with business owners every step of the way when it comes time to complete the process of selling a Bradenton business for sale.   Gathering your financial information such as 3 years tax returns, detailed equipment lists and other pertinent business information will allow the Bradenton Business Broker to objectively determine the value of your Bradenton Business for Sale.   Your business information will be held in confidence.  Your Bradenton Business Broker knows the local business environment and will develop the marketing plan and provide avenues for visibility for your Bradenton Business for Sale that will reach qualified and interested buyers in the marketplace.

It is true that selling a Bradenton Business is no easy task. That is why contacting the professional Bradenton Business Brokers at Truforte Business Group can be an important first step to your success.  Visit us here at Bradenton Business for Sale to learn more and to get working on positioning and selling your Bradenton Business for sale.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Selling a Small Business in Sarasota

Are you thinking about selling a small business in Sarasota? Don’t know how to get started? Afraid to make the wrong decision?   Here are a few things to consider when selling a small business in Sarasota:

Should you sell a small business in Sarasota yourself?selling a small business in Sarasota

Many entrepreneurs like the challenge of doing things themselves. However, when selling asmall business in Sarasota there is a lot of work required to market and advertise your business. As an owner it can be difficult to stay objective when representing your own Sarasota business for sale.  Representing oneself in the sale of the business could also take the focus away from the day to day operations and growth of the business.  It is usually advised that a business owner keep their focus on the business operations and seek a professional Sarasota business broker. Having the assistance of such a professional will most often create a much smoother transition when selling a small business in Sarasota.

How much is my small business in Sarasota worth?
 When selling a small business in Sarasota, a Sarasota business broker can perform a thorough analysis of your business and help you determine the worth of your business.  The broker will be able to benchmark the business against other similar Sarasota small business that are for sale or that have recently sold, so that you can effectively position your business against other competing business. When it comes time to sell a small business in Sarasota knowing what the business is worth is an important first step. There are some myths that are often associated with business valuations so an accurate estimate and setting a realistic price for the business will go a long way in selling a Sarasota small business.

How long will it take to sell my small business in Sarasota?
Selling a small business in Sarasota can be a complex process.  There may be inventory to be transitioned, a possible lease assignment, and in some cases a lengthy due diligence process. There is no way to accurately predict how long it will take to sell a small business in Sarasota, but a good estimate could be 6 to 8 months. Certainly there are times when the sale of a Sarasota small business can happen much quicker. A professional Sarasota business broker in some cases will be successful in selling a small business in less than 60 days.  This often requires a meeting of the minds and a motivation by both the Buyer and the Seller of the Sarasota small business.

In summary, the best results in selling a small business in Sarasota are most often done by hiring a Sarasota Business Broker, knowing what the business is worth, and being patient with the sale.  To reach a qualified Sarasota Business Broker or to find out more, visit Truforte Business Group at http://www.TruforteBusinessGroup.com