Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Reasons to Work With a Business Broker

Have you ever wondered what a business broker does? The short answer is right in the question, since a business broker, simply put, is a professional who brokers businesses. More satisfactorily,
why work with a business broker
business brokers handle business owner transitions. They estimate the value of a business, advertise its sale, interview potential buyers, mediate negotiations, and generally facilitate the transition of ownership. Seeking help from a business broker is a great idea for any entrepreneur who's thinking about buying an existing business. Not only because they make the process that much easier, but also because buying a preexisting business can be a much better idea than starting a brand new one. Here are a few reasons to pursue a business broker's entrepreneurial opportunities!

1. All the Legwork Is Done. The biggest and best benefit of buying an existing business is that the previous owner has already done all of the legwork for you. Starting a business requires truckloads of paperwork, permits, and legal consultation -- most of which you get to skip when buying an existing business. This way, you can immediately start generating revenue, and recoup the cost of purchasing the business faster.

 2. No Need to Hire a Whole Crew. When you buy a business, you inherit the employees as well. This is a huge benefit, seeing as how it's a costly and laborious task to hire and train a whole new crew. What's more, those new hires would have to spend a few months on the job before they accrued enough experience to be truly efficient workers. These inherited employees already have plenty of experience, and can keep things running smoothly during and after the transition..

3. An Established Customer Base. Preexisting businesses have a customer base that's already established. Locals already know about it, and word-of-mouth advertising -- some of the best kind for driving sales -- is already underway. This decreases how much you'll have to spend on marketing and advertising. Plus, under your new guidance, the returning customers will spread the word about your changes and how much improved the business is, effectively pulling more customers in. Business brokers have a plethora of business investment opportunities. For any entrepreneur thinking about buying a business, brokers can be a great asset. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. Look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top Three Industries for Buying a Florida Business in 2014

According to many Florida Business Brokers, 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for both Buyers and Sellers of Florida businesses. Many companies have just finished up their third straight year of increasing sales & profits and the future for buying or selling a Florida business is looking bright for 2014. So what are the best industries for buying a Florida business in 2014?

Service Industry

The service industry continues to rank #1 in most parts of Florida, as many service type businesses
can be purchased with minimal risk and the need is always in demand. Companies such as pool service businesses for sale, cleaning companies for sale, lawn services for sale, continue to be tried and true business opportunities because of the ease of operation and the consistent cash flow. The increasing population of baby boomers that continue to migrate to Florida and the ever aging Florida population manage to keep the demand for service up. When buying a Florida business the service sector can offer some excellent opportunities.

Restaurant and Hospitality

For the novice, buying a Florida restaurant can be a shaky proposition but for an experienced restaurateur, owning a Florida restaurant can be a dream come true. Just as with the other service sectors in Florida, buying a Florida restaurant can be a very smart move in 2014. According to some information release by the National Restaurant Association, Florida’s restaurants will be busier this year as the industry is expecting to top the 2013 number of $33.2 billion and reach a Florida projection of $34.6 billion in 2014. It is numbers like that which make buying a Florida restaurant in 2014 an ideal opportunity.

Construction Industry

In 2014 the construction industry is once again rising to the top of the list for Florida business for sale opportunities. After years of struggling, many construction companies have started to rebound nicely. Buyers are able to great value in construction acquisitions, as many are still selling at value prices while sales and profits are still returning. According to several Florida Business Brokers, buying a construction company in 2014 offers an opportunity to “strike while the iron is hot”. According to an annual survey released by the Association of General Contractors of America last year 46 percent of the construction companies surveyed added workers.  Lack of skilled workers continues to be a challenge for some construction companies in 2014, but  those with the skilled workers that can get the job done will make excellent business acquisition targets in 2014.

If buying a Florida business in 2014 is among your goals, careful consideration, and finding a business in the right industry will be critical to your success. The best way to get started with buying or selling any business is to contact a licensed Florida Business Broker or search Florida Business for Sale here.