Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Weirdest Products On ABC's Shark Tank

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ABC's Shark Tank is in its fifth season -- and still going strong. The reality show challenges entrepreneurs, and small business owners to pitch a product or business concept compelling enough to get attention from "the sharks." In other words, the contestants come on the show hoping a small group of successful millionaires and billionaires will invest in their company to help get it off its feet. What are some of the most unique business investment opportunities featured on the show?

The Solution To Americans' Biggest Struggle

People from all across the country have been struggling with the same thing for years and years. Whether they get lost in the dryer or stolen by mysterious creatures while you're asleep, everyone loses their socks -- and usually just one sock in any given pair. One company, Throx, is out to change the world. Throx sells socks in groups of three, instead of pairs, solving Americans' age-old dilemma.

Make Fights With Your Spouse Even Worse

In special cases, the sharks will purchase businesses outright, acting without a business broker. Business brokers, intermediaries, or business transfer agents help negotiate the value of a company -- a luxury entrepreneurs on Shark Tank typically do not have. With or without a business broker, the sharks were not interested in buying a business selling stuffed elephants for $60. Of course, it's a special stuffed elephant. "It's a stuffed elephant that's crammed into a plexiglass case with a metal cover. When you have a beef with your spouse, you take off the cover so there's an 'elephant in the room,'" NPR explains. Spouses or partners can also pass the elephant, symbolizing that it is their turn to speak.

No Man Cave Is Complete Without A Man Candle

What is one of the strangest new business opportunities? One man insists scented candles, including cotton-scented and fresh rain candles, smell too feminine. For that reason, he developed candles that smell like bacon, football, new car, pot roast, and golf courses.

On the show, successful business owners choose whether to consider new business investment opportunities (or sometimes consider buying businesses completely). The man candles and awkward elephants, however, did not fare well.

No matter how far fetch some of these ideas seem, they still display a unique level of creativity which is a fundamental strength of many entrepreneurs. For a business broker having a unique business opportunity to sell  can often attract buyers who are not just looking for another pizzeria or retail shop. Truforte Business Group is one of the Florida business brokers who enjoys the challenge of finding a market for almost any kind of business.

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