Thursday, May 7, 2015

Top 8 Points to Get Your Business Advertised For Sale

For any seller who wants to sell his business, first he/she needs to advertise it to attract maximum number of appropriate buyers. For that it is suggested to list it under different categories, for getting better exposure. 

There are even some other useful points that will help you such as: 
  • It would be advisable to add information like the town or street where the property is located, along with the postcode in the advertisement. This will help those buyers who are looking for some property in that area. Many businesses for sale in Florida are advertised in the same way.
  • Suppose you are selling a hotel, then you can file it under many options other than just ‘hotel’. You can add it under categories like ‘restaurant’, ‘bar’, etc. based on the services you provide there. It will help you to get noticed by buyers, who are looking for such kind of business property.

  • Be honest when you are selling your business property. The reason they are taking up the business is to make money. So make sure to give out the correct number of figures to the buyers. You must understand that many a times a buyer will be relocating his business to a new area, so the risks are unknown to him. 
  • While there are others who are stepping into the business field by leaving behind a comfortable job. So your numbers matter! Make sure to provide correct data in the advertisement as it will attract more customers towards you.
  • You can mention your net or gross profit or turn over on a monthly, weekly or daily basis in your advertisement. There are some other information, that you can mention depending on your business. These are ‘lease period’/’rent date’ for commercial property,’ traffic’ for online business, ‘footfall’ for a retail business and for service providing business ‘demographics’ can be mentioned.
  • If you want to maintain confidentiality, then you can provide the profit or the turnover figures only on request. Having numbers on the advertisement is not enough, you need to acknowledge them. Otherwise, the numbers would look like suspicious and the buyers may not take you seriously. They may not even feel the need to inquire about the proposed business.
  • If you want people to take away your business fast, it is important to provide a genuine price for your business. It would be better to quote a big amount, so that you can come down from there. Remember that, if you quote too high price, your business will not be seen in the list, where buyers are searching based on a price range. 
  • If you decide to keep the price at a value lower than what you can take, then you will be left out with buyers to whom you may not be ready to sell your property. Just remember one thing that the decisions you take while having the negotiations at an early stage, like refusing or accepting an offer, decides the price of your business property. The only thing that you need to do is, attract as many as possible buyers for your property.
  • You can compare your business, that you have put on sale on the website, which sells businesses, then you can ask for the price to get an idea. First determine the value of your business, it would be better to ask for a business valuation. This can be done with the help of agents or through websites providing that facility.
  • When it comes to a business, there are different marketing strategies to get customers. The best one is to advertise your business property on online sites, as they are cheap and you will get maximum exposure.
Things are different when you are selling your business. Thus, trying the above mentioned points will definitely help you sell your business in the best possible manner.

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