Friday, July 17, 2015

Finding The Perfect Business to Buy

With the economy in a slump, many people are suffering financially. However, there’s a positive side of financial crisis. There are many who are taking advantage of this slump and are becoming healthy day by day. This time is the perfect time for the individuals to search businesses for sale. In this digital world, where internet is widely available, anybody can hop online and find businesses for sale.

According to industry statistics, there are over 90% people who start their search to buy a business never completely done with the purchase. You can achieve the 100% by gaining the right knowledge to buy a right business for sale. The only way to ensure that you will be successful in the business is to be absolutely certain that you buy the right one.



Don’t be surprised if most people are unaware of what business is perfect for them. The number of businesses for sale can be discouraging; the choice is massive. Let’s explore what’s important for finding right Florida businesses for sale by owner.

There are numerous aspects that need to be highlighted, basically exploring the reasons that have inclined the owners to sell the business. Prior to understanding that aspect, it is important to know the basic knowledge of the current market where you are experimenting things. As told earlier, that economy is not going the greatest these days, so it is important that you should invest in a business space that is growing at a positive rate, and not declining. This thing will ensure that your progress in future stays stagnant and success is for sure. Learning such few simple facts can make the difference between success in finding the right business or on the other side, failure.

Another simple thing recommended is that you should always concentrate closely on businesses for sale that are in areas you have worked in previously or have pretty good knowledge about it. But yes this doesn’t mean you cannot look at businesses that are in new to you, but the stats always say that people succeed or are more likely to succeed if they have prior experience in specific market. If you were in the advertising business for the majority of your career, then look forward to businesses for sale in advertising market. As you are known to every aspect of that market it will help you to succeed in every manner.



Now, it’s to identify the reason behind selling a business. There are numerous reasons, including financial issues, personal reasons, relocation, retirement or simply because they want out of the market. Whatever the reason, it is important to have a brief idea, and it never hurts to ask the current business owner.

Further, you should always know how long the business has been active. The longer the time the business stays active, the larger are the chance of having great customers. In short, it is much easy and beneficial to buy an established business.

To the end, last but not the least, it can be detrimental to not consider your budget when looking for businesses for sale. The absolute fact of buying a good business is lost, just because the budget is not suffice, can be very disappointing. Thus, when looking at businesses for sale, it is always important to have a ‘rough’ idea of your budget range instead of deciding a specific budget.

Given you researched properly, it is not far-fetched to buy a business for sale and continue to run it successfully. If you are smart enough to take care of all necessary business dealings so that they can stay afloat and continue being successful then you won’t face any issue with your new business venture.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How a Business Broker can Prove Helpful in Business Sale?

If you are deciding to sell your business to the prospective buyer, then you have two options with you. You can choose to sell your business all on your own or either can consider services of a professional broker for it.

You can sell your business all by yourself, but it is advisable to consider the services of a professional broker to deal with the whole business sale process. When you choose to hire a professional broker to sell your business, then it is the best suitable option provided by the professional business broker to properly represent the best interests of your company. Hiring wrong business brokers can create the difference between not selling your business and selling your business for a price, you are not satisfied with. One of the most important functionality of Florida business brokers fort myers includes placing a value between a buyer and a seller and establishing suitable sales price.

How to find the right business broker for business sale?

  • It is advisable to approach your business contacts first including your lawyer and professional accountant.

  • It is advisable to get some valuable references from experienced business owners with whom business brokers have dealt with and ask how well the business broker has marketed their business and helped them to sell business in the best way.


  • Communicate with several professional brokers before you commit yourself or sign any legal contract to get a fair idea about the person you will be going to work with.

Roles & responsibilities of a professional business broker

  • Carrying out a proper listing for a business sale

  • Establishing a proper sales price

  • Locating qualified and prospective buyers

  • Maintaining utmost confidentiality of any business sale

  • Facilitating the complete sales process between prospective buyer and seller

Some of the noteworthy benefits you get when you hire a professional business broker:

  • Allows prospective seller to give more focus on carrying out right business operations.

  • Have years of experience in carrying out business valuations and sales transactions.

  • Gives you an easy access to an inventory of prospective buyers.

How business brokers prove helpful in business sale?

There are number of reasons which state the importance of hiring a professional business broker for selling your business in the right way:

  • Accurate business valuations – One of the most beneficial services a professional business broker provides is accurate valuation of the business. Professional business brokers make use of their industry knowledge to make a comprehensive evaluation of your business and also determine the best suitable price for the business sale.


  • Presentation of the business – At the time of working for the seller of the business, professional business brokers can provide considerable benefits in the area of presenting business for sale. Professional brokers are aware of the market trends and have required experience in various aspects of a business which appears attractive to prospective buyers. They will help you to create the best suitable package which will generate interest in you and allow your business to be further viewed from the best viewpoint.

  • Administrative procedures – When the business deal is successfully negotiated as far as both parties are concerned, there are still some important procedures and details which should be taken care of before the final business sale takes place. Some of the aspects can prove very confusing for business owners, so the expertise of a professional business broker can prove very useful in this regards.

Thus, it can be said that business brokers prove helpful in achieving business for sale in a right way.








Tuesday, July 14, 2015

8 Tips on How to Prepare Your Retail Business for Sale

To prepare retail business for sale, it requires some amount of quality time. It is very important to carry out a detailed research and preparatory work, before you list your business with a professional agent or broker. When preparatory work is done well in advance, the procedure of business sales will move on in smooth condition and the outcome would be simply more rewarding.

Here are 5 top tips that will help you to prepare any retail business for sale in Florida by owner, whilst making minimal efforts:

  1. Drive profitability – The selling price of the business usually should be a multiple of profitability compared to the previous year. If in case, you have sufficient time, you can trim down costs and do everything required to drive sales. Every dollar invested by you to EBIT will further add multiple dollars to the sales price of your business.

  1. Get all paperwork done It is advisable to work with your accounts personnel to get all business paperwork updated so that any question can be easily answered and verified easily whenever required. The more easily you can answer financial questions, the more claims about the performance of your business would be trusted.


    Make the business desirable It is important to review all operational procedures and eliminate any of them which are unique to the current management. Therefore, it is advisable to make your business as simple as possible to operate with new employees. Business which is dependent on existing employees or worse still the owner really turns out to be harder to sell.

  1. Develop a strong business plan which is focused on growth People usually prefer to buy a business depending on the potential of the business. While the business may have growth ideas, it could make the business more saleable, if the detailed research work has been done to provide a nice growth plan which is developed to show what has been achieved till date and how it has been achieved.

  1. Tidy up – From inside the store to the office, keep your business premises neat and tidy. Further, make it more presentable and attractive so that prospective customers are ready to buy your business.

  1. Create a growth plan Even if, you are ready to make a quick exit from your business, it is important to show buyers that your business has several opportunities ahead of it. Further, it becomes very important to make sure you can credibly show 3 years of meaningful growth after the sale.

  1. Consider investing in your business sales & growth potential – Any potential buyer will have a detailed look at the growth potential of your business sale. It simply means that you will be investing quality time before and during the entire merger and acquisition process for increasing your sales efforts. Besides this, it is very important to keep in mind that one should hire sales representative and increase their efforts and investments in their growth initiatives.

  1. Enhance your business profile – Increasing the visibility of your business is the main key to attract right type of buyer for your business type. It is therefore very important to spend some good amount of time before/during the entire M&A process. This may be inclusive of certain types of offline and online opportunities such as trade show appearances, guest blogging, making good use of guest speaking opportunities and other such good opportunities.

Thus, it can be said that with these handy tips, you will be able to prepare retail business for sale with minimum fuss.


Guide - How to Sale Your Business

Are you dealing with the word IMPOSSIBLE? Does it seem as if you can not sell your business? Or you feel hanging on to it is not a bad idea at this moment? After all, you can hold on to the business for another year, right? Are such confusing thoughts rolling in your mind, just because you are not able to sell your business? Every business owner who is looking to sell a business comes to such twisting point. But don’t worry; we will help you in each and every aspect of selling a business. Let’s discover a successful plan for selling a business.

Organizing florida businesses for sale by owner takes more than putting an advert in the window. Follow these steps to get the best possible price for your company, and make certain that the sale goes through efficiently.




Initial Start

Preparing your first step for selling your business is most crucial step and possibly most difficult. After all, you have start analyzing your business impartially, and track all imperfection in the business. If the floor or office is looking scruffy, that is the first impression buyers will have of your business. Make sure the things are at the place, decorating your office in a corporate look and tidying up are the deeds that any business owner should prioritize before selling your business.

Further, you can check the accounts. Investigate the things properly and question yourself, is there anything that cannot be explained immediately? Writing off bad debts shows that you are being realistic about the true state of the business' affairs, and getting shareholder loans repaid removes any suggestion of improper or unwise dealings with related parties. So, before selling make sure your books are proper and to be shown to the buyers. If you are in question how the books should be represented, it’s the perfect time to seek a witty professional advice on any outstanding legal or financial issues with your solicitor or accountant.

Surviving due diligence



The buyer’s needs to check all the information given by your business are as they should be. To verify the information he will further ask questions and request copies of documents. This is the regular process carried out of due diligence that any prudent buyer should perform. As long as you have his undertaking to keep the information confidential, you should be as helpful as possible in providing documents, to push this stage of the deal along.

Negotiation for Good Price

Negotiation is a skill that comes easily to you when marketing your business for sale, agreeing a satisfactory price will be stressful, and perhaps even emotional. The business for sale demonstrates years of your hard work, thus adopting a reasonable, approachable and a good firm demeanor will make sure that you get an acceptable deal.

To the end, now the ink’s dry on the documents and the money is in the bank. Now you no longer have a business for sale, feeling great now, right? At last make sure that you fulfill with every and any kind of post completion restrictions, like refraining from conducting a same business with a same name.