Thursday, April 6, 2017

Florida: The Home of Opportunity

The state of Florida has a highly diverse labor force of approximately 10 million people or so, and most of them are highly educated and skilled workers in their own right.  The state boasts a mix of eight highly dynamic economic development regions. From Naples down to Jacksonville and from Miami (with its world renewed beaches) and the Florida Keys up to Pensacola, Florida offers an exceptional blend of ‘state of the art’ innovation and professionalism.  
Florida Home of Opportunity

For aspiring business people hoping to settle here, there is good news. No matter which town you plan on setting up your business in, you’d be glad to know that you won’t be more than ninety miles from a deep sea port or at most fifty miles from an institution of higher learning. 
Some of the other advantages of setting up shop in Florida include:

Ideal destination for FDI

Thanks to its highly stable business environment, new business investments pour forth into the state of Florida from all over the world, effectively propelling the state into one of the top most destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) amongst all the states that constitute the United States of America.  

Ability to tap the Latin American markets

Many multinational companies have commenced using the state of Florida as a gateway to accessing the emerging markets in the Caribbean as well as South America.  

International Financial Cluster

The major urban centre of Florida is the city of Miami. Apart from being Florida’s leading city, it is also a well known center for global banking. It is not just foreign banks, but also many well known American finance houses that have their offices and subsidiaries in this city (as well as the rest of the state).

Some of the largest banking corporations in the world have also set up their offices and centers of operation in Miami.  

The global financial market aims to provide a high degree of value to the state as a whole, by providing their services to the many diverse business entities and multinational conglomerates that have set up their home bases in Florida

Multi-ethnic Workforce

Since the past few years, Florida has been in the top ten ranking amongst the states whose work force consists of employees working for foreign-owned business entities. These firms have poured their earning into the state’s coffers by employing close to three hundred thousand Florida residents. And thanks to the wide spread proliferation of L1 and E2 visas, both the foreign employers and employees add to the cultural melting pot of the state.  
These people not only value the state’s culturally diverse, work force but also enrich it by infusing it with their own blend of experience, culture and traditions that they bring to the fore, along with their specialized skills and talents.  Taken together, both the foreign born and local born residents create a synergy that allows these companies to boast of a ‘sustainable competitive advantage ‘(SCA) when dealing with competitors at the global level.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the state of Florida is truly the home of opportunities when it comes to pursuing the great American dream.

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