Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Looking for a New Business Post Retirement? Take a Look at Florida

Looking for a Florida BusinessFlorida is called the ‘sunshine state’ for a reason. This state is one of the best places to set up your post retirement business.
 If you are looking to invest your life’s savings in business that you can run while living in a safe and serene environment then you would be hard put to find a place better than Florida.

10 million highly skilled workers

The state of Florida has a highly diverse labour force of approximately 10 million people or so, and most of them are highly educated and experienced workers in their own right.

Longest coastline in the contiguous US (approx 1350 miles)

This makes it the ideal trading hub for export houses and multinational corporations that use this state as a base to export their products to South America as well as the Caribbean.

A great destination for Direct Foreign Investment

Thanks to its geographical location, new business investments pour forth into the state of Florida from all over the world, effectively propelling the state into one of the top most destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) anywhere in USA.

15 seaports spread all over the state

These ports ensure that the industries in Florida are connected to the main shipping lines that deliver their products all over the world.

Mild weather throughout the year

The state of Florida has a humid and sub-tropical climate and enjoys bi-seasonal weather with a hot and rainy season typically lasting from May to September and a warmer and comparatively drier season from April to October. 

.05% chance of being a victim of violent crime

Florida is a very safe place to live in, because of historically low crimes rates prevalent almost uniformly all over the state. While its urban centers such as Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay are have even lesser violent crime statistics when compared to the state average.

Total population of 20.6 million in 2016

The total mean population of the state was 20.2 million in 2015. This means that within a year at least four hundred thousand people have migrated to the state because of its booming economy.  This has created a great opportunity for setting up a business to cater to an ever surging demand for goods and services.  

Over 20% population under 18 years of age

These kids have vast untapped potential since they will soon grow up and enter the commercial mainstream and thereby contribute to the state’s economy. 

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