Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Three reasons why you should consider buying a gas station in Bonita Springs

The city of Bonita Springs is situated on the southwest coast of Florida and is widely considered to be the gateway to the industrial heartland of that state.  There are many reasons why a gas station or a convenience store is a really good idea when it comes to investing in a business venture in the Bonita Springs area. Let us take a look at a few. 

·      Hordes of tourists

The pristine white sands of Bonita Beach (as well as the Imperial River that meanders its slow way
Buying a Gas Station in Bonita Springs
through downtown Bonita Springs) regularly bring in hordes of tourists via the many highways that link this key city to the rest of the state of Florida along with the rest of the country.  And all of these people have at least one thing in common. They need fuel to get to their end destinations.  This is why a gas station in Bonita Springs is a really good idea to cover the needs of such travelers who march into town in their gas guzzlers and their Winnebago RVs.
It will be a really great idea to have a convenience store up and running with the gas station so as to be able to take care of the tourists’ very human needs for food, snacks and drinks, especially after a long hard drive. For many such people your gas station and convenience store combination may be the veritable oasis in the desert that they have been looking for.

·      Climate conditions

In many part of the United States of America, people stop traveling in the winter months, and unless forced by necessity to do, so they keep such travel to a bare minimum. However, here in Bonita Springs, the opposite holds true, because the city has a relatively balmy winter with average temperature hovering around the 65 degree F mark in January. This makes it a must stop place to spend all those cold and dark winter months and the people who like  to winter here do move around a lot, otherwise they will not be interested in spending their winter months in any place other than their own homes.

·      The local population

The population of the city is steadily increasing at a very high pace and the new influx of highly prosperous settlers are fully equipped with their own top end saloons and luxury vehicles that require frequent stops to the local gas station.  Add to that the indigenous population of the city itself, most of which sport top-end model automobiles and you have a perfect recipe for a great business idea.  
However, before launching such a commercial venture it will be a prudent idea to find out what kind of gas station will be ideal to serve the needs of this highly prosperous community. As in, you have to decide to either go for a franchise brand or an independent outlet that has multiple suppliers. A business consultant will be able to help you decide on the best possible deal with respect to the various different aspects of your venture.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Commercial Real Estate Market in the State of Florida

Buying and selling property is not a very easy proposition for the average newbie stepping into the world of high finance real estate. This hold true even more so, if you take into consideration the many individuals in the field of property management who tend to procure properties not so much for commercial purposes, but rather, more as long term investments that they would hold on to, till the market value of the real estate increases.  And they could cash in on their investments and thereby earn a handsome windfall eventually.
Commercial Real Estate Market in Florida

Irrespective of whether you want to buy or sell, it requires a lot of patience, or alternately, a flash of good fortune that just might allow you  to make a really nice profit and exit the market altogether.

However, lady luck does not need to show up anymore. At least not in Florida, because of the truly awesome commercial premise of this great state due to which more and more people are being attracted to Florida for the express purpose of settling down.

This list of such people is virtually endless and includes anyone and everyone from the elderly looking for a place to spend their retirement years to young millennials on the cusp of starting their careers.

Due to the state’s proximity to the Caribbean as well as the Latin American market and the many ports that service these markets, commercial activities are increasing at a frantic pace in this state and there is a near constant increase in demand for more housing and accommodation.  

The importance of the commercial property market in Florida can never be overestimated because of the ever increasing influx of high end companies as well as the professionals who run them. They are ever on the lookout for both warehouses as well as office space where they could store their goods and base their services. This holds true even more so for urban localities in Florida, where commercial real estate commerce is brisk and fast paced in a highly fluctuating market where prices are on the rise consistently.  

However, there are downturns in the economy as well, and these should be taken into consideration when investing in any commercial property, irrespective of how booming the market may be.  This is why it is always more feasible to hire the services of a real estate agent who specializes in commercial properties for both personal use as well as investment purposes.

Such realtors are well acquainted with the commercial real estate market in Florida and are aware of the choicest properties that are located in the best districts. Investing in such properties is almost guaranteed to give highly lucrative returns in the shortest possible turnover period. 

Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Fort Myers are just some of the cities in Florida that are attracting foreign capital and have become hot spots for high end professionals as well as the companies and firms that hire them.

There is not a doubt whatsoever that investing in the commercial real estate market in Florida is almost certain to generate great returns, at least in the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why Buying a Pizzeria in Florida is a Great Business Idea

Total pizza outlets 

There are 4,453 pizza restaurants in the state of Florida, of which 2,423 are independent units and 2,030 pizza chain outlets.

The state has the 3rd highest number of pizza parlors of any state in the country

Total national sales in excess of $38 billion

 Americans consume 3 billion pizzas (of all sizes) annually with 350 slices of pizza being sold every second!

In fact, 17% of all restaurants in the country are pizza parlors

On an average day, 13% of Americans eat at least one slice of pizza

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.”
-Kevin James

How to market your pizza in Florida?

Use the power of Social media. From Facebook to Twitter, create your accounts and communities and invite food bloggers for a taste of your pizza. Once they get hooked and start writing rave reviews, legions of fans will be sure to follow suit

Go Viral

Start posting on pizza-lover forums and communities. Showcase your mouth-watering morsels and invite people for free samples

Treat customers like they are your own family

Treat them like royalty and they will keep coming back for more... And more…

Offer great discounts

Repeat customers should get first shot on ‘buy one get one free’ deals or a free shake or soft drink on any one of your offerings

“And I don’t cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza”
-Tiger Woods

Tantalize their taste buds   

Offer bite sized morsels to people passing by your outlet during lunch and dinner hours

Get involved in your neighborhood

Sponsor the local minor league teams or organize an anti litter campaign where participants will get free caps and T-shirts so that you get noticed more.  

“The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 am”
-Charles Pierce

Distribute brochures and coupons

Make sure the people located close to your outlet know all about your pizzas by having flyers and coupons offering time specific mouth watering deals delivered to their homes.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Why You Should Consider Buying a Business in Florida

If you are in the market to establish a business for yourself then the ‘sunshine state’ may be just the place to settle in. In fact, this state offers a lot to just about any budding entrepreneur as well as the
Buying a Business in Florida
seasoned businessman who wants to put his savings in an enterprise that should provide solid returns.
In this respect, Florida certainly has a lot to offer to any prospective investor due to a large number of reasons.  


The over ten million population of this state is not just highly educated but skilled as well. As such, this burgeoning middle class has plenty of purchase power and love to spend their hard earned money on anything and everything from Pizzas and ice cream to automobiles and trucks.  

Large number of Sea ports

Since the state of Florida is situated on a Peninsula (surrounded on three sides by water), it has access to a huge number of sea ports (15 in total as of today) that connects the Floridian hinterland to most of the major shipping lines that deliver the state’s produce all over the world. 

The world’s only Quad port

The world’s only quad port is also located in Florida (Cape Carnival) and caters to land sea air and space traffic.  Additional the state’s location to the extremely important and strategically located Panama Canal also makes it an ideal place for international commerce.  

Mild weather

The state of Florida has a humid and sub-tropical climate and it does not have extremes of either heat or cold weather (barring a sudden storm). This is why productive activities continue all year long and this is also one of the main secrets of Florida’s wealth.

Large number of cities

The state has many cities such as Orlando, Naples, Fort Myers, and Miami  (to name but a few) that are connected to each other via an excellent network of road, rail and airways to ensure near seamless mobility of both goods and people.

Large number of financial institutions

Due to the rapid pace of industrialization all over the state, local and foreign finance houses have established their presence here and cater to both the salaried class as well as the business community that hires the same.


Such prosperity has contributed in large part to a calm and serene atmosphere where people can go about their lives without fear of being robbed or mugged. In fact, crime levels have dropped drastically even as the per capita income levels of residents of this state have increased. There is no reason to commit crime when jobs are easily available.  

Surging population levels

The state has steadily attracted talent from all over the country because both highly paid professionals as well as entrepreneurs have decided to settle here. The opportunities are so many and so vast that it is possible for the business community to create niches for themselves that would pay rich dividends in the long run.

After all the people who flock to Florida to settle down require both goods and services and that may include everything from school books all the way to real estate.

Now, it is entirely up to you to decide as to which sector you would like to invest in.  However, irrespective of your decision, it would be prudent to hire the services of a reputable business consultant in Florida who would be well aware of the pros and cons of your business plan and would help and guide you throughout the process.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Business Opportunities in Fort Myers

The city of Fort Myers, also known as the city of palms, is arguably one of the best cities to settle down in, for both investors as well as the highly skilled professionals who are actually interested in purchasing a business or commercial real estate building where they can work, operate a business in Fort Myers and otherwise enjoy the prosperity of this rapidly expanding city in the very heart of Southwest Florida.
Business Opportunities in Fort Myers

Such true blue professionals belonging to different age groups prefer to migrate to this singularly prosperous city so that they can call this place their home and settle down permanently. This is because the city of Fort Myers is just about ‘the’ perfect place for all those people who value the ‘good life,’ irrespective of their ethnic background or age and experience level.

From young graduates fresh from college all the way to the elderly looking for a place to invest their hard earned savings while they live though their retirement years, the great city of Fort Myers tends to attract both individuals and families not just from all over the nation, but far beyond as well.

This holds especially true for the business community whose members are attracted to this city like honey bees to nectar. And why not? After all, this city is the source of sustenance for the many people who have invested their life in many of the profitable Fort Myers business opportunities.

Many of the prospective entrepreneurs in this city have at least one thing in common. If it is not their urgent need for housing and accommodations, then it may be a need to develop a source of income, which is the motivation for the savvy businessman to invest in Fort Myers business opportunities.

Before opting to purchase any business for the purpose of building a growing business venture, it would be important to realize just what it is about this city that makes it such awesome place to settle down in once and for all, since the city of Fort Myers is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, at this point in time. 

One of the key reasons behind the widespread popularity of this city is its location in Southwest Florida and the fact that it is connected to the rest of the state with a vast rail, road and air network. Furthermore, the current population boom has been ushered in courtesy of the excellent urban infrastructure as well as employment and business opportunities that this city provides to all its residents. Most of these new arrivals are highly skilled and educated personnel who have decided to settle down in Fort Myers due to the myriad employment and investment opportunities they have here.  

Speaking from the point of view of business opportunities, such a high population growth has increased the value of commercial real estate here by creating a huge demand for new housing and commercial complexes that are now coming up in ever larger numbers in Fort Myers.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5 Steps to Selling your Business in Florida

The state of Florida has a highly diverse adult labor force of approximately 10 million people or so, and most of them are highly educated and skilled workers in their own right. This is why there is an ever increasing and steady proliferation of businesses all over the state.  
As the population of highly skilled workers rises, it generates an increasing demand for goods and services in all the urban centers of the state, as a whole.  As of today, businesses have never had it better in Florida and prospective buyers are ever eager to purchase established businesses in the state.
Selling Your Business in Florida

However, here a word of caution is advised. It is considered prudent to hire the services of an experienced Business Broker to assist and guide the seller throughout the entire sale process. This would help ensure that the seller would be able to invest all his time and energy in his work so that revenue generation activities do not suffer a hit, thereby maximizing the potential of a highly lucrative and easy sale.  This way, the seller would have sufficient funds accrued at the end of the day to invest in other even more profitable ventures
Here is how a business broker can help you sell your business not just quickly but also at a great price as well:

1.     Establishment of fair market price 

You must remember that the sum is greater than the parts. That is, the value of your business is higher than the assets you possess, such as furniture, office equipment, and other fixtures. To determine a fair market price, it is very important to have profound insight on that target segment of the market and that is where a business broker comes in, he not only understands the nitty gritty of your industry but based on his knowledge, he can generate a fair assessment of the same.  

2.     Helps draft a confidential memorandum 

This is a brief summary of your business and it would answer the most important questions a potential buyer may ask.

3.     Creates a factual report

He will help you perform a ‘due diligence’ check of your own business so that you may be able to understand exactly where you stand in terms of buyers’ estimation of fair value.  

4.     Conducts negotiations

A business broker would be on hand throughout the negotiation process and would help draft the terms and conditions for many points such as the total time the seller stays with the business, the final price to be agreed upon, the time period required to vacate the premises and so forth.  

5.     Final closing of the deal

There is a lot of paperwork involved when it comes to closing the deal. A professional business broker well versed with all the laws that apply to business in Florida would be able to make sure that all the relevant documentation has been correctly done and the proper paper is in place so that your sale is smooth and easy.