Friday, July 7, 2017

E-2 And L-1 Visas and Their Importance for Buying a Florida Business

The government of the United States (in the form of the state department) decides just who may be allowed to enter the country legally. For this purpose, there are bewildering number of visa rules and regulations when it comes to buying a Florida business in order to obtain a visa. Each one of these visas has their own requisite limitations as well as requirements. 

It is not all that easy to keep track of all the different types of visas out there as well as their
E-2 Visas and Buying a Florida Business
application processes.

Let us study the examples of the following two visa categories:
·       L Visas
·       E Visas
The former is more concerned with transferees of American companies who have been offered temporary relocation to territory under United States government’s sovereignty, while the latter is meant for investors as well as traders from countries with which the United States has trade ties and treaties. Here it is important to understand just which visa requirements should suit the individual who wants to settle in Florida on either a temporary visa or relocate to this state on a permanent basis.

This is because both the different types of visas have many requirements that tend to overlap with each other, even though on an overall basis, these two categories are significantly different in nature.

Ø  L1 visas

As far as L1 visas are concerned, they are generally granted to those individuals who are immensely talented in their respective fields and the organizations (or individuals as the case may be) they work for, find them indispensable to the running of their operations on US territory. Here it is pertinent to note that the employer (either a firm, a joint stock company or sole proprietor) has to be based in America.

All L1 visas are time bound and unless an extension is granted (on grounds provided by the ‘employer,’ not the employee) the recipient of the visa has to leave US territory once his visa term expires, otherwise he would be treated as an illegal alien and prosecuted under the law.

Ø  E 2 visas

Both E-1 as well as E-2 visas are available only to those foreign nationals whose countries of origin have in place a bilateral investment treaty (applicable only to the two signatories of the treaty) or a treaty of commerce, both of which provide a means of access to United States territory without the applicant declaring himself to be an immigrant.

As a general rule Most E-2 visas (unlike their L1 counterparts) are quite flexible with regard to time frame and duration concerns and extensions are not all that difficult to acquire. This is because they are primarily designed to cater to the needs of those foreign nationals who have either invested a certain amount in setting up a business in the United States, or are in the process of doing so.

Since their personal presence in setting up such a commercial enterprise is necessary for the business to work, acquiring extensions over and above the original two-year time limit is possible.

However, irrespective of the fact that you are an employee on an L1 visa, or an investor who has come to the US on an E2 visa, you may rest assured that the pluralism and the diversity as well as investment opportunities you find in the state of Florida would be unmatched when compared to virtually every other state in the union.

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