Monday, November 6, 2017

Buying an ISP in Cape Coral

Buying an ISP in Cape Coral can be a great idea because of the ever increasing need for connectivity. Cape Coral is markedly different from many other cities in Florida due to the fact that it is a “planned” city that had been created as a pre-planned community, unlike most other towns and cities that essentially sprang up as frontier outposts and trading towns in the 19thcentury, all over Florida.
Buying an ISP in Cape Coral

Cape Coral was actually conceived with a central master plan in mind and it became an actual city, fresh off the drawing board in 1957. Up till 2010 its population was hovering around the one hundred and fifty thousand mark. But within the next seven years the population increased to almost two hundred thousand people today.

This is due to the fact that the city is fast becoming a well-known center for trade and commerce and has been attracting highly educated and professional individuals not just from all over the United States but all over the world who have settled here courtesy their L1 and E2 visas.

These upwardly mobile people are quite tech savvy and like to be online all the time if they can help it. This is why the city needs seamless internet services in each and every area that constitutes the Cape Coral – Fort Myers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area, of which Cape Coral is a principal city. 

This has led to surging demand for internet services as well as online connectivity that the city’s established ISPs (internet service providers) are hard put to service, due to which there is a  lot of scope for setting up of an ISP in the city, either as a franchise for a big brand or even as a standalone operation.

It is a business that is really not that difficult to operate provided you have the relevant people (in terms of expertise and technological know-how to help you handle the technical aspects of the business) working with you.

Setting up an ISP requires that you find manpower resources, rent out a space (preferably in downtown Cape Coral where the business district is located) and make sure that you have 24/7 power and environment control.  This would mean setting up a UPS system as well as having spare generators because the freak storms that are part of the overall climate in Florida do cause power interruptions every now and then. Apart from that, an AC/HVAC unit is a must because of the high humidity prevalent all over the state. Such a hot and humid environment can easily cause short circuits and therefore a controlled environment is a must.

Once you have your power supply and environment issues resolved, you would need to acquire upstream providers as well as fiber optics (that would be hooked up with the local telecommunications company) along with routers and computer systems. However, here you will have to make sure that you buy only the most up to date equipment as well as top end hardware to ensure high speed broadband services and seamless connectivity.

Buying an existing ISP in Cape Coral can definitely be an advantage opposed to starting one, as all of this infrastructure would already there and you can quickly walk in and be providing the residents of Cape Coral your services immediately. To search for ISP businesses for sale in Cape Coral or other IT  related businesses for sale in Florida visit

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